When To Visit A Vision Care Center

Eye problems are becoming rampant in our modern society due to several factors. Our daily lifestyle of staring at computers and screens, age-related problems, pollution, and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes are a few examples. Eye doctors evaluate a patient's eye condition, check for any eye diseases, and later advise on necessary medication or surgery. Some concerns are resolved without medication, while a doctor must treat others that include:

Distorted, Blurred Vision and Eye Pressure

Although blurry vision can be an indicator of other health complications, a major symptom of many eye problems is distorted or blurred vision. Often, this is accompanied by pressure in the eyes and sometimes, migraines. Glaucoma, for example, is the leading cause of blindness. Other than blurry vision, there may be no other symptoms until it gets to an advanced stage. It is therefore important to see a doctor and receive early treatment that may even save your sight.

Eye Redness

Even though eye redness is not always a chronic problem, you need to have it checked. It could point to a serious eye problem resulting from an inflammation that may be affecting either the internal or external part of the eye. Any pain that accompanies eye redness should also be checked. Bright red spots could indicate broken vessels, and a recurrence of these spots should not be left unchecked by the doctor.

Change in Vision

Eye vision can change over time. This can be sudden, in which case the patient will recognize it quickly; or gradual, where the patient may not immediately realize that anything has changed. This is why it is imperative that you see an eye doctor regularly for professional evaluation. Patients who wear glasses or contacts may also experience vision changes, indicating that the prescription may need to be adjusted. Changes can also include spots, shadows, or flashes in vision; all of which you should describe to the doctor as accurately as possible.

Dry Eyes

Sometimes, tears do not provide adequate lubrication for the eyes. This causes inflammation, and the patient may experience a stinging sensation. This could be brought about by reasons such as allergies, prolonged screen use, vitamin A deficiency, preservatives in optical eye drops, etc. If left untreated, these problems can result in eye infections, decreased quality of life, or damage to the eye surface.

Considering the major role eyes play in our lives, it is of utmost importance to take great care of them. Consult an eye doctor from a reputable vision care center any time you have an issue, as eye issues can easily become serious problems that can greatly and negatively impact the quality of your life.