Benefits Of Prescription Contact Lenses

An optometrist can prescribe contact lenses to correct vision problems. Of course, you have the option of choosing between prescription glasses and prescription contact lenses. However, most people are opting to go for contact lenses because they offer many benefits. 

So, if you are debating between getting contact lenses or glasses, this post will educate you on the benefits of wearing prescription contact lenses. So, keep reading to find out whether contact lenses are worth the hype.

Wide Field of Vision

Unlike glasses, prescription contact lenses don't limit your field of vision. Glasses will provide you with a clear frontal view, but the frame will limit your peripheral vision. Luckily, prescription contacts don't interfere with your vision in any way. 

Remember, these lenses will fit directly onto your eyeballs, meaning you will have full access to your entire visual field. You can easily see what's on your left or right side without struggling. This advantage should come in handy when driving a car because you need to have a clear view of every angle to avoid causing accidents.

No Glare

Glare and reflections are a common problem for those who wear prescription glasses. Unless your glasses have an anti-reflective coating, you have to endure back glare during the day. The glare happens when light hits the back of the lenses and bounces into your eyes. The glare can irritate your eyes and cause further problems. On the other hand, prescription contact lenses don't have this problem because they sit directly on your eyes. That makes contact lenses a great choice for outdoor activities.

They Are Comfortable

Not everyone enjoys wearing glasses because of the discomfort they cause. Most people experience headaches and sore eyes during the first few months of wearing eyeglasses. The same cannot be said about contacts. 

In fact, contact lenses are designed to sit directly on the eyes, meaning they won't cause any discomfort for most people. Also, most people's eyes will take a shorter time to adjust to the contacts than prescription glasses.

Great for Athletes

Athletes are advised to wear contact lenses instead of glasses when playing sports. Contacts are much safer as they will remain in place as you move or run around. Moreover, contact lenses will not interfere with your peripheral vision; thus, making them safer. Contact lenses make it easy for athletes to focus on their graft because they don't have to deal with reflections and glares. 

For more information, contact your optometrist.