3 Tips For Picking The Right Frames For Your Prescription Eyeglasses

Are your current eyeglasses not looking as good as they used to? If it's time to head to the local eye doctor to update your prescription, you're likely going to have multiple options available for your new frames. While the massive wall of frames at most eye doctor offices can feel overwhelming, it's relatively easy to narrow down your options using a few simple tips. Here are three tips to keep in mind when picking out new frames for your prescription eyeglasses.

Pick a Color That Compliments Your Skin

While some people like to pick frames that match their eye color, another consideration you should keep in mind is how those frames match up with your skin tone. If you have a cooler skin tone, you can likely benefit from frames that stand out a bit. Black, white, pink, dark blue and other bold colors might be a good choice. If on the other hand you have a warmer skin tone or complexion, try and opt for a softer color like beige or brown.

Pick According to Your Face's Shape

Just as frame colors can compliment your skin tone, so can the overall shape of the frame. If you have an oval shaped face, stay away from bulky rectangle style frames that will overwhelm you. If you have a very round face on the other hand, rectangle frames can make your face appear slimmer and longer. A square or diamond shaped face can be softened with oval frames.

How Active Will You Be?

If you work inside all day and aren't typically involved in strenuous activity, you don't need to worry too much about the type of material your frames are crafted from. But if you intend to hit the gym or take part in a team activity on a frequent basis, you might want to put more effort into finding a good material for your frames. If you're active, ask the eye doctor about the latest advancement in technology when it comes to bendable frames or shatter-free glass. 

Getting a new pair of prescription eyeglasses is a great feeling, but only if the frames look good on you. Pay attention to your skin tone and face shape before committing to a specific design and don't forget to ask about special frame materials designed for more active users if you fit that description. For more tips, reach out to your eye care provider today.