Not Seeing Well? You May Have Cataracts

If your vision has changed, you need to see a doctor to make sure you do not have cataracts. There are symptoms listed below to help you notice if you do have this problem, as well as how the doctor tests for cataracts and the treatments available.   Cataract Symptoms In the beginning stages, you will likely not have any symptoms at all. Over time, as the cataracts grow, you will start noticing vision changes. Read More 

When To Visit A Vision Care Center

Eye problems are becoming rampant in our modern society due to several factors. Our daily lifestyle of staring at computers and screens, age-related problems, pollution, and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes are a few examples. Eye doctors evaluate a patient's eye condition, check for any eye diseases, and later advise on necessary medication or surgery. Some concerns are resolved without medication, while a doctor must treat others that include: Distorted, Blurred Vision and Eye Pressure Read More